Just Twisted we start every day boring and upcycle it into a funky twisted piece with some POSH pizzazz! Since we create in house, we have many unique ideas that you won’t find elsewhere.

Posh Jewelry Everyone loves a little piece of jewelry now and then, and eve better if it is affordable! We create our own styles as well as share lines from a few select artisans. Because we design and create in house, we can pass that to you in the price. Our designs are awesome, but even better that they are affordable! We even have visiting celebrities pop into our store and purchase our pieces. We love it when they do!

Posh Party Inspired by the past, we design and sew some traditional products, but we promise you that these are not your grandma’s patterns! Tea cosies, aprons, bowl hugs, pot holders and other affordable statement pieces for home entertaining. Check out our upcycled party dresses and skirts that have been turned into party aprons!

Coldstream Pottery This beautiful hand-crafted pottery line is created locally in Mission, BC. We love the upscale, elegant look and the total oven- table functionality. This line has a regular following of collectors for a reason!

Dam Good Soap Simply put – this is the best damned soap around. We just can’t keep it in stock. This isn’t just soap – it’s skin care. And it smells amazing!

Simply Delish Soup locally packaged ingredients and delicious recipes provide an easy and yummy way to have healthy meals ready for your family. Many of these soups are gluten-free as well as tasty comfort food!

Hides in Hand a Canadian made purse softer than anything you will find in the best name=brand purse stores. Just come in and feel it! Why is it so soft? It is made from deer hide – like those super soft gloves you might own. This is an exceptional product still made by locals the old fashioned way.

Bee by the Sea: if you suffer from a skin condition like eczema or rosacea, then this is the product for you. Sea Buckthorn is a plant that has amazing healing and restorative properties. Not so common to North America but well-known in Asia and Europe. This sea buckthorn is grown is Ontario and produced in small batches. We have a strong repeat following for these products. Do some research or come in and take a look!