Once Upon a Time

Steveston Village is the film location for the ABC series Once Upon a Time and yes, this is where Mr. Gold works. Our fun little shop looks nothing like the magical antiquities dealer found on Main Street, Storybrooke, but the clever folks at ABC can transform us into Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop in a very short while. The front windows are typically staged and the Posh sign comes down to reveal the famous Mr. Gold sign that hides neatly underneath. When we are going to be closed for filming, we let out customers know through our Facebook page so they don’t come down to pick up a gift and find us unavailable. Although, the true locals know that filming is going on because all the store signs on Moncton Street look odd – walk around on a pre-film day and you will find all your favorites! Granny’s diner is a quick walk away and has fabulous muffins! Storybrooke Bakery is cooking up it’s unique bread in a wood-fired oven that would make Hansel and Gretel run away. You can tour around the Storybrooke Cannery, do some banking at the Storybrooke Savings and Loan, wish you could get some ice cream at Any Given Sundae (alas – it is not actually an ice cream shop, but there are a number of really good places nearby to get that sundae! You can run across the street to Storybrooke Coffee to warm you up. I bet that is where Mr. Gold goes during his lunch break.

It is fun to wander through Storybrooke and many of the merchants have cool stories and anecdotes about how lovely the actors actually are when they are in town. Stop and talk to them – just like you would expect to do in a small seaside town. That part isn’t fictional.

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